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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Something I find Annoying,...

 Ok...So I"m writing tonight about something that bugs me... AND all TOO MANY PEOPLE do it.....

So you're probably wondering out of ALL THE THINGS in the World......
WHAT could it be ....  RIGHT???

It's one of those Ignorant, (all too common) persistent,.... Human Instincts some people project upon others (on a regular basis) kind of things,..! YES..IGNORANCE..and all too familiar lines..of  cliché

Like those moments when ...you've gone through the worse time of your life...(or still going through it..or dealing with the fallout/aftermath of something else on top of that)
and then some Douche... Implies or says "It could be worse"//. or " you could be worse off"..!! WTF?!

NOTE: Lets just say the latter one I have not had anyone say to me.. 
I don't mind voicing my opinions either. I've never been someone's lacky (for lack of a better term and punn),..so I've always spoken up.!

After everything I've been through and continue to go through.....I can sure as heck tell you that:

Yes.. “I know” how bad ……….bad can be! Yes “ I know”… I’m lucky to be alive! Heck ..that’s my Mantra.. “lucky to be alive”…Of course I am!!,.. Durrrrp!

My QUESTION to THOSE (type of) people:

 Do YOU “know”,..How LUCKY “YOU” Have it???.,,. (Where the GRASS is soooo GREEN on your side of the Valley!)
MY POINT??....
  DON’T Preach (or begin to preach) about a Subject/Topic you know “NOTHING” About!

 AND…. NOOOO>>.. You “Knowing  someone" (or having a random convo with someone at a Supermarket/Dairy..Gas Forecourt) does NOT MAKE “YOU” the 101 Expert with a P.HD in that Field,.

If you do have a P.HD in that field (which is highly unlikely) then We’ll just call that “Your Opinion” and instead of throwing "opinions" around sensitive topics…go do some research and help change the world for all of us,..you great sympathetic Humanitarian ,.....damn it! FTW! :)

Gripe Complete!


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