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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BF3 PREMIUM | Camo's

This Month,.. JULY...More stuff is coming to Battlefield 3 Premium..

The July content upgrade just got released for all Premium members, and it includes 4 weapon camos that can be unlocked by completing assignments + one camo for each faction as well

Battlefield Premium July

Unlock – F2000 Woodland Oak Camo
Pre-requisite Premium Assignment 1 completed
100 kills with the F2000
50 squad revives
25 kills with the underslung shotgun
Unlock – Pecheneg Tactical Camo
Premium Assignment 2 completed
100 kills with the Pecheng
25 Claymore kills
25 vehicle kills with C4
Unlock – L96 Digital Woodland Camo
Premium Assignment 3 completed
100 kills with the L96
50 squad spot assists with the MAV
350 meter headshot with the L96
Unlock – Scar-H Berkut Camo
Premium Assignment 4 completed
100 kills with the SCAR-H
20 kills with AT mines
5 air vehicles killed with AT launchers (RPG/SMAW/Javelin)
Unlock – Navy Blue Digital Camo for US Soldiers and Woodland Stripe Pattern for RU Soldiers
Pre-requisite F2000 Specialist, Pecheneg Specialist, SCAR-H Specialist and L96 Specialist Assignments completed
500 kills with Assault
400 kills with Support
500 kills with Engineer
300 kills with Recon

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