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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I know it's been awhile since the last Blog entry,

...during that time more YouTube clips have been uploaded to VipersRealTV & will continue to do so as time goes on.

Some of you may remember my Review on the Mad Catz FPS Pro Controller and the Razer Onza Tournament Edition Controller with added info on the latest Razer Sabertooth ?! Which I must admit sounds like an awesome name (Sabertooth) and looks like an interesting addition to their line of products.

Are you wondering how my Razer Onza controller is holding up?!

I can happily say....I use it every time I play Xbox and it hasn't broken yet! I've been using it for nearly 2 Months now, and,..even tho some critics might say that's early days yet, I'm just glad it has lasted that long and I'm still able to use it!

I must say I do still find the extra bumper buttons at the top of the controller too close together at times, particularly during fast battle moments during gameplay, so I'm guessing that might be one of the reasons why the bumper buttons have been moved over to the middle for the Razer Sabertooth . It is a theory I've held since my review & upload of my clip (see below).

The Y,B,A, and X buttons are great because there isn't much "travel" in them when pressing down,..in other words,...they feel like miniature versions of mouse buttons. I like that!

The Guide button is still working, as are all the other buttons.

I still like the fact that the Razer Onza Tournament Edition Controller has Adjustable Resistance Analog Sticks which can be altered by turning the dials underneath each analog stick, to either increase tension and make the sticks firm when moving or can be adjusted to release tension and become less firm and more accurate & sensitive when aiming at your target especially in FPS games. (Analog settings may vary from Game to Game).

I've decided I will continue to use the Razer Onza as it is my preferred controller and will do so until it breaks or until I set my eyes on another controller I like.

If you haven't already seen the clip for these controllers, I have posted it below. 

STAY TUNED for future uploads of Gaming Montages, Unboxing of Special/Limited Editions Games, Info on DLC Content,  Reviews on Games/Xbox Products..and MORE!

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